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AgroPilot LLC — Ukrainian factoryless company specializing in software development and electrical equipment design for agriculture. The project occupies a leading position in Ukraine, provides similar functions to expensive foreign products.

Uses a B2C (Business to Consumer) commercial relationship scheme to reduce prices as much as possible, the original equipment is available only on the website AgroPilot.UA, avoid sellers of counterfeit devices. To reduce prices as much as possible, the company sells its products without involving a network of intermediaries, orienting its availability to start-up and small farms. By minimizing logistics costs, goods are sold exclusively through courier services.  Products are assembled to order with the configuration you need within 7-14 days (without prepayment), please order in advance...

AgroPilot LLC, Ukraine, Sumy, PO Box 60, postcode 40000
You can pay for the products upon receipt at the nearest UkrPoshta branch, or by prepayment to the bank account, we accept for payment:
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