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АгроПілот це просто
Total area of cultivated fields:  
Sprayer width:  
GPS/GNSS accuracy between passes:  
Have you connected a sprayer automation?  
What kind of work did you use?  
Average yield per hectare:  
Harvest selling price:  
Application rate of plant protection products per 1 ha:  
Price for 1 l/kg SZR:  
The number of such operations per season:  
Overspending on plant protection products:   0   USD

If PPP is a herbicide

Exceeding the rate of herbicide application, reduces the yield in the double overlap zone from 5% to 60% (on average 30%), the same rates have the weed zones (not treated with herbicide), increasing the rate you suppress the plants, please follow the instructions of the PPP manufacturer.

Crop losses from exceeding the norm:  
Losses due to exceeding the norm:

  0  USD

Gaps + Overlaps: 0  Ha

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